SFIEC|Sharing experiences in China NGO "Go Global" Roundtable

Suzhou, China - Last month, China NGO "Go Global" Roundtable was held where prominent Chinese NGOs gathered to share their overseas experiences. NGOs invited included China Global Philanthropy Institute, The Amity Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Red Cross Society of China, Narada Foundation etc.

Mengya(Mia) Zhang from SFIEC presented our innovative practice of promoting Shenzhen globally. Furthermore, she mentioned that in the near future, SFIEC will co-establish an empowerment & resource-sharing platform for Chinese NGOs to serve their mission in the world with CICETE and UNDP China.

Key takeaways: - A country's greatness is not measured by its size but overall influence. If we are to "go global" both culturally and economically, NGOs should play a bigger role. - Chinese NGOs are still not active enough from a global perspective. We need to not only showcase ourselves but also prepare for two-way dialogues telling real stories of China. - In order to be truly accepted locally, NGOs must focus on solving actual grassroots needs. - "Philanthropy" is yet to become a mainstream topic in China, NGOs need to go beyond their comfort zone to reach a wider audience.

We also went to China Foundation Forum !

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