S x LM Initiative|SFIEC hosted a sub-forum of Green and Low Carbon Development Cooperation Forum

Shenzhen, China, 29 August 2019 - Under the framework of The 7th Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, SFIEC allied with WWF-China, One Planet Foundation hosting a sub-forum of "Shenzhen x Lancang-Mekong" – Green and Low Carbon Development Cooperation Forum.

Nearly 30 attendees from the Mekong and other Southeast Asian countries with energy background were having an in-depth discussion with Chinese experts and enterprise representatives. The forum was focusing on promoting the implementation of renewable energy, helping Mekong countries and related regions accelerate the transition to sustainable and low-carbon energy.

"Shenzhen x Lancang-Mekong" Initiative received positive feedback from attendees. "The 'Shenzhen x Lancang- Mekong' Initiative led by SFIEC has provided Cambodia with better solar energy resources, promoting the development of renewable energy in Cambodia", Secretary General of Civil Society Alliance Forum (CSAF), Mr. Pay Sambo said.

Since #SunlighVillage project was officially launched in 2018, it has brought actual benefits to Cambodia. Furthermore, as forecasted by Yang Le, Deputy Secretary General of SFIEC,#SunlightVillage now officially enters era 2.0, going forward to Myanmar and rest of the Mekong countries are set on schedule.

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