CityPlus|Together with other partners, CityPlus team has planned and filmed a flash mob

Staring at the screens of the light show, have you ever wondered what kind of chemical reaction would occur if we added dancing, vocalists, and instruments?

Three days before the 2018's year-end, it was announced that the light shows would be put on hold, but would return after the Chinese New Year. The "CityPlus" team of SFIEC together with the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Middle School Street Dance Crew, and ATM Vocalist Group exclusively have planned and filmed this flash mob just for you. So far, it has been viewed 17,000+ times. Check out this cool video!

In many parts of the world,

you find dazzling lights,

and hear beautiful melodies.

But here,

underneath the cold concrete,

you can feel

the warmth of life and a city's heartbeat.

Mountains, sea, grass, trees.

Skyscrapers stood tall with breezes.

All things have souls,

and cities are no exceptions.

Shenzhen, a city built in 4 decades.

The possible and the impossible,

are all here for you to see.

22' N, West Coast of the Pacific,

advancing in rhythm with the world.

City Plus, City Pulse.

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