CityPlus|First public testing of Just Shenzhen

On 12th Jan, CityPlus 城市+ team from SFIEC finally completed our first public testing of Just Shenzhen exploration tour with Shenzhen expats! Meeting up at 13:30 near the Children's Palace U station, our group is split into two groups: Nanshan route and Luohu route. Coming from Colombia, New Zealand and Australia, our enthusiastic particpants have all lived in China for some time, but this was their first tour of Shenzhen!

Together in the sunny afternoon, we uncovered rarely-known stories behind modern landmarks like Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen Concert Hall, laidback neighborhoods like OCT-LOFT, as well as historical and nostalgic areas like International Trade Center and Huaqiang North, all by solving puzzles and playing mini games.

It was also great fun getting to know each other along the route. Meanwhile, we didn't waste our time for great coffee and local food!

Thanks to our participants' experiences all over the world and passion for traveling, as well as the amazing suggestions and feedback! If you missed it, don't fret! Another trial is coming up... Bring friends and family and come meet other lovely Shenzhen expats! Stay tuned!

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