Shenzhen, An Innovation-driven Global City

Chairman's Message:

Searching for Benchmark of Collaboration in the World Map

- WANG Shi, Chairman of SFIEC, founder and honorary chairman of Vanke Co., Ltd.



Shenzhen thrives because of Reform and Opening-up. The city now stands on the global stage as a brilliant player. Such a cosmopolitan city will deeply connect itself with the world and widely adopt international standards.


"International" is a keyword for Shenzhen. To be international, it requires not only top-down policies but also bottom-up projects. And there is SFIEC. Never has any Chinese city created a foundation for international exchange and cooperation; SFIEC is the first of its kind. We hope that SFIEC can mobilize non-governmental resources, inspire social vitality and raise awareness of international collaboration.


SFIEC strives to build up an inclusive and international Shenzhen. To achieve this, it is essential to search for benchmark cities. Shenzhen should also carry more responsibilities, offering solution for sustainable urban development.


I am a Shenzhen entrepreneur. Promoting the internationalization of Shenzhen is an important part of corporate social responsibility. A global enterprise is the facade of its host city and resource for international cooperation. When Shenzhen's companies go abroad, they will benefit from SFIEC's help. As they embrace the global market, they will also help Shenzhen by attracting talents and improving services and the environment. Then, Shenzhen will earn worldwide fame and evolve into a world-class city.

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