Shenzhen x Langcang-Mekong Initiative


 Shenzhen x Lancang-Mekong



Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Experience Sharing Mechanism

International Exchange

Corporate Visits

Course Training

From 2017, in cooperation with the Belt and Road International Cooperation and Development (Shenzhen) Research Institute and the Shenzhen University China Special Economic Zones Research Center, SFIEC has organized 7 seminars and trainings for a total of 200 government officials responsible for economic and social development, institutional representative and companies’ management personnel in the Mekong River countries. Shenzhen’s experience in economic zone design planning, investment promotion, industry cluster, and talents and staffing were also shared during those occasions.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

Mekong River Sunlight Villages

Home Use Off-Grid Solar Equipment

Community Empowerment

Combining efforts from the Vanke Foundation and notable Shenzhen PV enterprises, the SFIEC worked with governments and public interest organizations along the Mekong River to pilot distributed photovoltaic power generation technology and application, in order to address local challenges like shortage of power and power supply facilities as well as high cost of residential electricity. From 2017 to date, 900 cases have been or will be completed in Cambodia and Myanmar, with up to 24,000 direct beneficiaries, a total installation amount of 300 and total power supply of 70,000 Watt-hours (Wh), reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 35.4 tons. In addition of improvement on local livelihood, the project has become one of viable alternate solutions to help those countries achieve the SDG of “low-cost and clean energy”, and drive towards the SDG of “decent jobs and economic growth”. With support at home and abroad, the Sunshine Village is going further with respect to localization, socialization and scale.


Mekong River Brightness Action

Cataract Cure

Eye Disease Screening

Equipment Donation

Medical Training

In support of the Shenzhen Yu Panglin Charity Foundation to conduct oversea charitable activities, 17 cataract screenings were organized in Cambodia, in which 150 qualified patients received surgery free of charge. In addition, 500 people with vision problems were given a dioptric lens. These activities helped impoverished local people with eye diseases to regain their vision and promote good health and well-being.




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