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HE Run

2018 Summer Intern

Bachelor Student, Nankai University

SFIEC, to me, is not only a team, but also a family. It shows me how a NGO operates. It also provides me a stage to apply my skills of graphic design and academic research into practice.

​ZHONG Yuting

​Project Director, 

S x LM Initiative

I moved from a private firm to SFIEC, which is more inclusive. Here, people's backgrounds differ but their goals align. Come and meet interesting people and do creative things!

James Maughan

Director, Dubai Business Associate Program (DBA)

We have a kinship with SFIEC which tells the unique story of Shenzhen that mirrors Dubai in many ways. Through SFIEC, we have come to know the multi-layered aspects of the true city which is a beacon that attracts foreigners and locals alike. 

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